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The Snowboard and Windsurfing specialist since 1989

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Van Gent Surf & Snow

Van Gent Surf & Snowboardsport originated from Surfsport van Creij, founded in 1982 at Striensestraat 43 in Rosmalen, where you can still find us.

Since 1989, Eric has taken over the store and still runs the store to this day. At the time, some snowboards were already being sold in the store and Eric noticed that there was an increasing demand for them. That is why he decided from that moment on to fully focus on snowboarding in the winter and, among other things, to offer the Burton brand. And with success, we can now call ourselves one of the oldest snowboard shops in the Netherlands. Over the years, Eric has gained a lot of experience, which means you could actually portray him as a real expert.

In addition, we came into contact with SUP sport for the first time in 2011. By being the first dealer in the Netherlands to sell RED Paddle SUPs, we have also been able to specialize in this in recent years.

When you visit our store, we will do our utmost to provide you with the best explanation and good service. This is what we have been known for for years!

Meet Eric

If anyone knows a lot about snowboarding & windsurfing, it is Eric. With his years of experience, he provides you with tailor-made advice. The always cheerful Eric has a passion for snowboarding, windsurfing and basketball. Over the past few summers he has even been learning to wingfoil! Eric is actually always at the office, so there's a good chance you'll get him on the phone when you call or visit the store.

The people who know Eric know that he is always up for a chat. Do you have questions or need advice about one of our products? Then come visit our cozy store, Eric will be happy to explain everything to you while enjoying a cup of coffee, and if you're lucky you will probably hear one of his beautiful stories.😉